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City guide: Stockholm, the capital of Scandinavia

15 avril 2022 5 min read No Comments

Hello !

Here I am again for this first article dedicated to my wonderful trip in Sweden. I left for 15 days with my boyfriend in order to divide the trip as follows: 3 days of urban discovery in Stockholm, followed by 5 days of road-trip in the North of Sweden, then 3 days in Copenhagen 🙂
But for now, let’s go into my story about the Swedish capital, which was my big big big crush. Stockholm is a city with a thousand facets, whose archipelago counts a total of 24 000 islands. The pictures speak for themselves!

We organized our visit by district. Södermalm for the nice evenings, Gamla Stan which is the historical center, Norrmalm for the business, Östermalm for the Parisian chic, Djugården for the numerous museums and the amusement park Tivoli… The different districts of Stockholm are connected by the subway, the streetcar and… the boat! The incredible thing for us, which is quite common there. Of course, for a city built on water! It was great: for 20€, the transport pass for 72h allowed us to take the river shuttle, the subway, the buses, etc. But we used and abused the boat 😉

City guide Stockholm les jolies tulipes voyage en suède scandinavie

Gamla Stan : the historical (and too touristy) « old town »

When we travel, we like to wander around without looking at maps and opinions too much, and thus determine which places we like the most. Gamla Stan is a district where you have to pass by, as it is so central. It is literally the old town of Stockholm, a bit hilly, where the streets are cobbled, the buildings old, the souvenirs and restaurants very expensive. But walking along the shores of this mini-island is very pleasant, there is a soft and charming atmosphere and you can see all the other islands of Stockholm, to which you can go by boat, by subway or via the many bridges.


In addition to being full of restaurants and souvenir stores, Gamla Stan is home to the Royal Palace which is gigantic, the Nobel Museum which we didn’t visit but which seemed to be very expensive interesting and pretty monuments such as an obelisk, a beautiful church and a large garden.

Norrmalm: new and cultural district

Northeast of Gamla Stan is Norrmalm, a very new and cultural district. It is home to the Opera House, the Kungsträdgården garden and the fabulous red church dedicated to Saint James the Great. This part of the city is very pleasant to walk through because it runs along the shores of the Baltic Sea (so to speak), especially at sunset. We didn’t do much there, except admire the tall buildings, the flowers, the crowded cafes, the impressive statues and the green spaces. Norrmalm is a bit reminiscent of Paris sometimes.

« St. Jacobs Kyrka » in svenska 🙂

Södermalm: unique view and nightlife

This area is one of my favorite neighborhoods. It has a warm and very authentic atmosphere, which makes us go off the beaten track a bit. I fell under the charm of the magnificent point of view that the Swedes call « Skinnarviksberget« , on the rocks which skirt the island in the North, we see all the city and the bay of Riddarfjärden where boats and kayaks follow one another. It is breathtaking, especially at sunset. Thanks to the Routard 🙂 Apart from that, people are very cool and quite young. Bars are numerous, as well as restaurants and buffets where you can eat on the go for not very expensive (« Dagens Lunch » at noon).
Big crush for the bar, whose pictures recreate perfectly the atmosphere.

Östermalm: the heart of shopping in Stockholm

Swedes love shopping, but really a lot. This district, located in the northeast of Stockholm, is the perfect place for this activity. Apart from that, there is the Natural History Museum, the Museum of Technology (Tekniska Museet), many parks and a very famous food market, where we took a walk, and then tasted our finds at Humlegården. On the menu: two fresh and delicious salads, falafel, peppers and hummus for me. Swedes all stop for lunch, which is very nice.

Djugården: green island of museums, Tivoli and water sports

It is only the second day that we visited this district, which, administratively is the same as Östermalm. But for me, nothing to see! Djugården is an island full of museums in the east of the city. It is also home to Tivoli Park, a chain of amusement parks that we visited in Copenhagen. On the island, we discovered the Skansen museum, a zoo and an old open air museum that aims to show the ways of life in the country through the centuries.
A bit expensive and a bit creepy sometimes, but it’s worth staying there for half a day. It’s like being in Westworld, people in costumes are waiting for us inside the houses!

Passing over the bridge that leads to Östermalm from the island, there are tons of boats of all kinds: boats, kayaks, canoes, ships


Skeppsholmen: Museum of Modern Art and Kastellet Stockholm

A mini-island this time, that we wanted to do in priority because it shelters the Moderna Museet (museum of modern art) of Stockholm, where we find works of Warhol and Niki de Saint Phalle. It was a very good plan, especially since it was free for us. A micro-island is stuck to it, it is the Kastellholmen, where we discover the very beautiful red brick castle, named « Kastellet ». We loved to go there by boat at the beginning of the day, it was a good moment, especially that we see all Stockholm from there!

That’s it for these three days of discoveries in Stockholm (and it’s already not bad)! Despite all the pictures I shared here, I still have tons to show you. Don’t hesitate to join me on Instagram, I try to post as many as possible to sell my stock! I took more than 2,000 pictures during the whole trip, you have to enjoy it 🙂

And you, do you know Stockholm? Sweden in general? Which neighborhood do you like the most? Tell me all about it!

Big hugs,

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